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How to Properly Handle the Harsh Environments with the Right Electronics Enclosure?

Do you think that you are a very tough person? Well, I guess you should think again. The server rack that’s in your environment should be even tougher and harder. But in a very good way though. A tough environment can have extreme damage on its servers given the other tech equipment if they are not given with the proper protection. Some of the most dangerous environments can potentially include some areas with falling dirt, dusty areas, unfinished warehouses, and also outdoor areas.

So for companies to be able to fight off these very hard and harsh environments and be able to give protection to their valuable equipment, they need to have a NEMA rated server cabinets. These cabinets are being engineered and design to prevent dust ingress, dirt, airborne particles, and other possible contaminants from fully destroying your equipment. One should be ready to consider the right NEMA electronics enclosure for each.

The rightful solution: NEMA 12 Electronics Enclosure

These enclosure server rack cabinets are being made and manufactured out of steel and they are most commonly used in places where equipment will be used inside warehouses, unfinished places, manufacturing/factory floors, and even in the production facilities. In any place where there can be a little more crud floating around more than usual. These cabinets have available gasketing system placed on all of its seams and opening doors so that the ingress of unwanted particles will not happen.

While the majority of the normal server rack cabinets already have their vent patterns in place or that they have several vent patterns together with the doors and the sides, the NEMA 12 cabinets that does not have these systems in place. The cabinets will also serve as a hedge of protection from the other possible light drippings or even water ingress. This will totally depend on what is really going to be inside of these cabinets and where there a usual cooling process that will be required.

There are companies that sells and manufactures a filtered fan and exhaust panels that can be utilized together with the conjunction of the server rack cabinet to be able to maintain the rating. As well as the side of mounted air conditioners. The NEMA 12 cabinets are also widely available in the wall mount or even freestanding configurations.