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How Equipment Mounting is Done for 19-inch Server Rack Enclosures

There are several ways on how mounting is done on a 19-inch server rack enclosures. See the different examples below:

Mounting Through Fastening

When it comes to mounting, the original way on how companies do it is holes were trapped and sealed in with a specific screw thread. Then, when the rack rails become too thin to tap, the threaded inserts are now utilized. There are particular class of equipment that are known in advance, some of its holes can be removed from the mounting rails.

The threaded mounting holes found in racks where the equipment is always changed becomes very problematic because the threads utilized can be damaged. There is also a possibility that the mounting screws can easily break off. Both of the issues can make the mounting hole very unusable. Tapping and sealing the huge number of holes that might never be used can be very costy. Nevertheless, the tapped-hole racks can still be in use. Generally, for the hardware of the server rack that is being rarely changed. The examples that comes with this  includes the network cabling panels, telephone exchanges, broadcast studios and the equipment found in government & military.

The replacement is done with the tapped-hole rack was first replaced by a clearance-hole. This can be in round hole, round unthreaded holes, and versa rail. The holes should be huge enough to accommodate a bolt to be freely installed without the need for binding. After which, the bolts are now being fastened and installed using cage nuts.

In case the nut is being removed or stripped out because a bolt is breaking, the nut can be easily removed and be replaced with a latest one. The production of these type of clearance-hole racks can be less expensive primarily because tapping of the holes is now being removed. In addition to this, they are being replaced with fewer and less expensive cage nuts.

The next innovation when it comes to designing server racks came with square-hole rack. The square-hole racks will accommodate boltless mounting. This is because the rack-mount equipment should only need to be inserted through and the engineers can hook down the server rack into the square hole. The installation and the removal of the hardware attached to the square hole rack of the server rack can be very easy and boltless. Wherein the weight of the installed equipment and small retention clips should be all necessary to be able to hold the equipment in order. In case the server rack is an older equipment meant to be installed in round-hole or tapped hole, these server racks can still be utilized. With the use of cage nuts created for square-hole racks.

Structural support of Server Racks

For everyone’s information, the rack-mountable equipment is used to be traditionally mounted by using bolting or clipping the front panel on to the server rack. In the IT industry, it is very common for the network communications equipment to have several mounting positions. This also includes the table-top and wall-mounting which is very common for other equipment. This also holds true when it comes to rack-mountable equipment. This type of mechanism features L-brackets that should be screwed or bolted on the equipment before installing it in a 19=inch rack.

With the continuous use when it comes to 23-inch racks in the telecommunications industry, the same practice of installation is very common. But the equipment will have 19-inch and 23-inch brackets very available. This enables them to be mounted on the existing racks.

One of the key structural weakness of the front-mounted support is that it has the shear stress when it is installed in mounting rails and the leading edge of the equipment. As the result of this, the 4-post racks became very common to several users. This has the racks that features a mirrored pair of the rear mounting posts.

Since the space indicated between the front and rear mounting posts might have a huge difference between the rack vendors/or the configuration of the racks, it can become very common of the equipment to feature 4-post mounting brackets and have an adjustable rear bracket.

With this in mind, the server racks that comes with the deep pieces of several equipment are often installed utilizing the rails that are bolted to the front and rear the posts. This gives the equipment space allowance so that the four posts can be supported. While also allows it to be easily installed and removed from the place where it is being installed.

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Does Mass Customization Has the Possibility to Kill Mass Production?

There are several technologies existing today that makes the mass production very possible. One of which is the new HP’s MultiJet Fusion printers. These printers are primarily made to build and create custom insoles. Now in line with this launch, the superfeet has already announced its first shoe brand tie up and partnership together with Brooks. This can be a signal of a very valid and true beginning of mass customization for companies.

Together with Superfeet’s FitStation powered by power printer made by HP, the brand will release a performance running shoe to the market that is primarily based on an individuals foot scan in 3D.

“The ability to give an individual a personalized shoe based on his or her unique biomechanics is a game changer. It is a compelling offering for the runner who is interested in tip-of-the-spear technology and a totally tuned experience,” said Brooks CEO Jim Weber.

He said that his company has been pursuing this type of technology because the customization of shoes can offer a very advantageous edge in the shoe market.

The scanning system hardware and software can effectively combine the 3D foot scanning together with its very different and dynamic gait analysis and foot pressure measurements. This aim to identify the unique motion path of the runner’s individual body.

Additive Manufacturing or Injection Molding?

Does this mean that it has additive manufacturing? Or is it made from injection molding?

At least it is the DESMA polyurethane injection-molding machine for this brand,

To further illustrate, this type of system uses the 3D foot scans to identify the proper lasts which the shoes are being built around. This is to make sure that each shoe is being tailor fitted according to the specific shape of the runner’s foot. Then, by using a very good combination of the variable PU injection which ahs the direct attach capabilities – the foot pressure being measured together with the movement analysis of the athlete’s or individuals’ runner joints are being successfully combined with their personal preferences. This crates the perfect personalized midsole requirements that has multiple tuned zones.

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Most Frequently Asked Questions about NEMA 1 Electronics Enclosure

One of the fastest and quickest ways to be able to identify if an electronic box will certainly meet your company’s needs is to identify its NEMA rating. The rating system is designed to help the companies determine which enclosure should they get for a certain engineering application. The rating will also give the user the vital information about its protective performance – but it is really important to have a firm and full understanding of the NEMA ratings before they companies can choose one.

In this article we will look at the most frequently asked questions about NEMA 1 Electronics Enclosure.

What does NEMA rating mean?

NEMA ratings is an established system of electrical enclosure ratings set by National Electrical Manufacturers Association to help the companies identify different qualities of each electronics enclosure. This rating shows how different types of NEMA ratings can give protection from certain environmental hazards such as dirt, dust, and water ingress. Included in this rating is also the corrosion protection.

For companies or design engineers to learn about what these different NEMA ratings mean, they should check out the official NEMA ratings website and chart to have a full understanding of how the different level of NEMA ratings can give certain protection it indicates. In line with this, make sure that all the guidelines have been read carefully because unlike IP ratings, they do not come with numerical orders that determine the rate of protection each enclosure can give.

What does NEMA 1 mean?

When it comes to varying degrees of protection NEMA enclosure gives, NEMA 1 offers the most basic level of protection. This type of enclosure is used to protect equipment from ingress of small amounts of falling dirt. NEMA 1 also gives protection for employees from having accidental contact because there might be live components inside the enclosure. With this in mind, NEMA 1 electrical box rating provide a good amount of protection from liquid ingress that can come from hose-directed or splashing water.

Where can I use NEMA 1 Electrical Boxes?

Companies use NEMA 1 enclosure in applications where they need the most basic level of protection for their equipment. Basically, almost all types of electronics equipment can be housed inside the NEMA 1 enclosure. For example, you can put in an industrial control panels inside the electrical box or controls to different security systems.

In a typical scenario, you will be able to see NEMA 1 enclosure for engineering applications which does not need protection against hazardous environmental hazards, but they will be needing the most basic level of protection for their equipment.

Is NEMA 1 Electrical Enclosures Applicable for Outdoor Applications?

NEMA 1 electrical boxes are recommended for indoor engineering applications. NEMA 1 can be sufficient in some outdoor environments, but if a company needs a level of protection for their equipment once used outdoors, the best idea is to use the enclosure rating that is primarily designed for outdoor use. Such as NEMA 3, NEMA 4 or even NEMA 6 electronics enclosure.

What is the key difference between NEMA 12 and NEMA 1 electrical enclosure?

NEMA 12 rated electrical boxes offer a much higher degree of protection compare to NEMA 1 enclosure. Keep in mind that NEMA 1 electronics enclosure can only offer so much as long as you need protection for your equipment for any indoor type of application.

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NEMA 3R vs. NEMA 12 Electrical Enclosures

There are times when customers or companies are having a hard time choosing electrical enclosures for their engineering project. Whether they will consider buying an enclosure applicable to both indoor or outdoor use, they have to carefully consider all the factors. There are engineering projects that only requires indoor electrical enclosures like the NEMA 12, or if they want to use the enclosure for both uses they can opt for NEMA 3R. One of the key elements in considering which enclosure to buy is the presence of harmful elements in the location where the enclosure will be used. Also, companies also consider if they need UV ray protection – but that’s for another topic. In this article, we will compare the NEMA 3R & NEMA 12 to help project engineers choose their electrical enclosure.

What is NEMA 3R Electrical Enclosures?

NEMA 3R electrical enclosures are being utilized for protecting & housing equipment used for power distribution, switch gear, lighting contractors or any equipment that needs protection from the elements present in an outdoor environment. NEMA 3R is resistant to water ingress, ice formation, and snow. NEMA 3R can adapt to both indoor and outdoor use and they can be manufactured from different types of material.

Main NEMA 3R Characteristics:

  • It gives the using personnel protection form having incidental contact with the equipment housed inside the enclosure
  • Gives solid ingress protection from falling dirt
  • It has provision for drainage
  • Gives water ingress protection from rain water
  • It can have alternate locking mechanisms
  • Has no protection form windblown dust unlike its predecessor NEMA 3.

What is NEMA 12 Electrical Enclosures?

NEMA 12 electrical enclosures are primarily manufactured for utilization of indoor engineering projects and is being used across industrial and manufacturing companies. It can also be used for certain machining applications. This type of electrical enclosure will give equipment solid ingress protection from dirt, dust, dripping non-corrosive liquids, floating dust, oil and lubricants. NEMA 12 can be manufactured from different types of steel or plastic material.

  • Primarily manufactured for indoor use
  • It gives protection from solid ingress caused by floating dust, falling dirt, fibers and lint floating in the air
  • Gives water ingress protection caused by dripping water and other non-flammable & non-corrosive liquids
  • It has doors with oil-resistant gaskets
  • It is readily available with pre-punched holes, latches or locks, hinges, insulation, and cutouts
Indoor Use
Outdoor Use  
Light water ingress protection (from dripping water or non-corrosive liquids)
Foreign solid object ingress protection (including non-hazardous objects)
External ice formation protection  
Corrosion Protection    
Protection from rain, sleet, and snow formation    
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How Important is Employee Wellness in Enclosure Manufacturing Companies?

With the improvement of the enclosure manufacturing companies today, some of them are really proud to announce that they are continuously developing electronics enclosures. Companies today are really taking good care of the product’s they produce or manufacture and because of this, they know that it is equally important to also take care of their employees’ health and welfare. Without healthy and motivated workforce they will not be able to sustain the product quality they are aiming for.

Just as companies are aiming to provide the best services as well as products, we are now providing the employees with the right resources and equal opportunities to improve their over-all well-being. There are programs that can be done completely voluntary and is aimed to generally promote their physical and mental health including fitness so that they can all live a happier and more prosperous lives.

These health programs should include:

  1. Free access to health-related facilities, such as gym and wellness centers. Companies should provide employees with access to these kind of facilities so that they can spend time to unwind and relax from the daily hustle and bustle. This is also aimed to improving overall general health.
  2. Healthy competitions such as weight challenges. Doing competitions like this across departments will boost the employees’ moral and spirit and this will also contribute to their physical and mental health. This is timely after the holiday season so they will have more energy to be fit and stay healthy.
  3. Programs that offers rewards for people who have stopped smoking. Companies should help the people who want to quit smoking by offering them support and services and free support. The support should include phone coaching sessions, a personalized quit plan, and a free kit of nicotine replacement therapy.

More and more should be added into this list. Companies should keep in mind that more than anything, all businesses are philanthropic in nature. They should aim to help more individuals get fit and healthy while at the same time boosting their moral. When employees are fully supported they will produce better work outcome and the companies will achieve their overall goals.

If possible, companies should also provide health care insurances for the employees in case of brutal accidents. Prevention is always better than cure right?

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What are the Best Choices for Your Handheld Electronics Application?

Now that the summer season is fast approaching, I have started to notice the several pieces of summer clothing line starting to populate my favorite stores. Men’s, Women’s, Kid’s, Toddler’s: all pieces are showcasing the standard pieces for this season. Bikinis, shorts, summer trunks, etc. Yes, trends continue to repeat year after year but there is always this latest yet updated style to these wonderful pieces.

For example, the infamous summer shorts now has multiple pockets and it also comes with different loops. The bikini line has added some fashionable twists unto it and you can wear it under a beautiful translucent cardigan. These classic pieces can be worn by anyone even if there are new released piece of clothing available in the market.

Now let’s talk about electronics enclosures, shall we?

Like the recent update to our summer wardrobe, there are companies now who has just released a new handheld enclosure in a from of key fold enclosure. The small size is now comparable to the popular key fobs available in the market today. This new enclosure has more space inside and it sports a very modern look. There are now also battery holders inside. The companies that has released an old version of this product is still in compatible with the newly released key fob enclosures.

The companies are now releasing new products and these products comes with the extra functionality. The tactile buttons installed on the enclosure allows the PCB for better user feedback, which in return gives you the opportunity to properly design some more user-friendly functions. In addition to this, they have utilized more durable materials that can give you the best product there is in the market.

In addition to this information as well as the functions, the new key fob enclosure design available in the market today also has a new sleek design and it is widely available in either black or bright white. It also comes with the matte black buttons which is super amazing! One of the options available for this is on all of the 0,1,2,4,5 button designs. The companies now have started a new trend for the key fob enclosure design and that is one way to keeping the end-project in fashion a very good one.

Key fob enclosures has a versatility of functions. And because the need for keyless access is now increasing, companies should think of a way how they can do this more efficiently and effectively. This is also the very reason why they should think of various ways how they can improve the current model and design by releasing new designs and making it from new and durable materials.  If you want to find the perfect handheld enclosure, you can search the Google for companies who are good in making these small enclosures and give them your design and inquire if they can meet your expectations.

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How to Properly Handle the Harsh Environments with the Right Electronics Enclosure?

Do you think that you are a very tough person? Well, I guess you should think again. The server rack that’s in your environment should be even tougher and harder. But in a very good way though. A tough environment can have extreme damage on its servers given the other tech equipment if they are not given with the proper protection. Some of the most dangerous environments can potentially include some areas with falling dirt, dusty areas, unfinished warehouses, and also outdoor areas.

So for companies to be able to fight off these very hard and harsh environments and be able to give protection to their valuable equipment, they need to have a NEMA rated server cabinets. These cabinets are being engineered and design to prevent dust ingress, dirt, airborne particles, and other possible contaminants from fully destroying your equipment. One should be ready to consider the right NEMA electronics enclosure for each.

The rightful solution: NEMA 12 Electronics Enclosure

These enclosure server rack cabinets are being made and manufactured out of steel and they are most commonly used in places where equipment will be used inside warehouses, unfinished places, manufacturing/factory floors, and even in the production facilities. In any place where there can be a little more crud floating around more than usual. These cabinets have available gasketing system placed on all of its seams and opening doors so that the ingress of unwanted particles will not happen.

While the majority of the normal server rack cabinets already have their vent patterns in place or that they have several vent patterns together with the doors and the sides, the NEMA 12 cabinets that does not have these systems in place. The cabinets will also serve as a hedge of protection from the other possible light drippings or even water ingress. This will totally depend on what is really going to be inside of these cabinets and where there a usual cooling process that will be required.

There are companies that sells and manufactures a filtered fan and exhaust panels that can be utilized together with the conjunction of the server rack cabinet to be able to maintain the rating. As well as the side of mounted air conditioners. The NEMA 12 cabinets are also widely available in the wall mount or even freestanding configurations.

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How to Determine and Pinpoint the Exact Dimensions for Plastic Electronics Enclosures?

We recently just moved and re-arranged the furniture in our living room. My dog’s own crate has always been placed in the corner of our living room. Along wit some of our new furniture, there was no longer a room available for my dog’s crate. So we have to identify or look for another space for the crate. Since my dog is a medium sized Labrador, the crate is super huge.

To be able to move this into a new space or location, we have to run our creativity. We have to find a space spacious enough to fit the crate so that it can crate up and be installed on the wall. This in return, reminded me of the video game, Tetries.

I was being reminded of this fact while I was talking with a customer just the other day. The customers often call to our company because they want to ask for help in selecting the right enclosure. This person was particularly looking for a “a CD ROM sized enclosure”. When I told the customer that I would be more than happy to find something similar to that size range, the customer told me that it is just what he exactly needs as per dimension wise.

The customer then was really hoping to produce a product that would be able to slide into the same area like the optional CD ROM available in the computer. In order to fit that exact space, the customer need the right dimensions. This is too large and it would not eventually fit, and too small that it will not hold very stable.

As we have recently discovered, this problem presents several difficulties on a very few levels. While the majority of the manufacturing companies will shape the enclosures with several type of ranges to be able to offer the best choice available to the customers. However, it is nearly impossible to be able to find the exact match for the dimensions within a different product line.

There are companies that offers wide range of sizes and different styles of electronic enclosures. Several of their enclosures are mostly rectangular in shape, but majority of them have the same ratio of length that ranges form width to height. We just recently found out that the most used size range is 2 x 3 inches, and in line with this there are several options that exists within the 1/2” range. While each of them consist of a very deffierent depth.

This is to be able to give you the best and with the most options possible to help in finding out the most perfect enclosure for the companies’ needs.

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What are the Other Available Product Lines for NEMA-Rated Electronic Enclosures Manufactured from Plastics?

Being a Cleveland sports fan is very very hard. Because of the team’s last year performance, their most notable low game point happened in July. It was also nationally reported that LeBron James have finally decided to leave the Cleveland Cavaliers. These infamous words by James “I have chosen to take my talents to South Beach” I think will haunt Cleveland fan’s memories forever.

Just this morning before the broadcast of James’ decision, the Cleveland’s owner – Dan Gilbert – promised to make sure that his team will bring the championship to Cleveland. Even before Lebron can win one for Miami. After the game of not so famous ‘10-‘11 season, I was really excited to see the draft of 2011 NBA as Cleveland has already accepted its 1st overall pick. Of course, with the excellent opportunity for them to increase their talent on the bench.

Just like the Cleveland team, who just recently got a new talent in the draft, there are enclosure manufacturing companies who are getting ready to launch their new product lines. These companies will be on the run for the expansion of their top line NEMA-rated electronic enclosures. And this line also has the additional sizes and version available for their respective series.

With these new developments, there will be no longer a need for the acquisition of a different flange kit available to the NEMA boxes. As these newly updated enclosures will constitute a surface-mounting flanges that are molded directly on the box. This is a new and convenient features of the flanged NEMA boxes that comes with their accessibility.

The customers will also be able to remove the cover of the enclosure without removing the electronics enclosure from its surface it is currently mounted on. In addition to this, the brass inserts also allow for the re-entry into the enclosure box. Given that you can do this for unlimited number of times. And also, always remember that the enclosure series NEMA rated enclosures are generally design to fit to IP65 of IEC 529 and adopt the NEMA 1, 2, 4, 4x, 12 and 13 specifications.

All About Server Rack Air Conditioning

With the warm weather quickly approaching this year, it is very vital for companies to make sure that their portable spot cooler is working perfectly fine. Just in case that companies do not have a good portable spot cooler for the server racks, this is the perfect time to get one. There are companies that sell a wide variety of portable spot coolers as well as accessories that will make your equipment cooler when you need them to.

The portable spot coolers are the best way just in case the normal air conditioning system in your server racks are not working well. Or if they are working, they are not releasing enough cool air to lower the temperature of your server racks. There are companies that sells units from 10,000 Btu/hr to 92,000 Btu/hr. In addition to this, the 10,000 BTU unit can be installed unto the server cabinet to achieve the maximum efficiency with the purchase of additional kit. Whatever the companies’ cooling needs are, there are widely available spot cooler solutions.

In addition to this amazing spot coolers, companies are also selling wide variety of server racks accessories that are widely available for directing the air flow, reducing the exhaust heat out of the room, pumping condensate and so much more. What is more exciting about this is that the units are maintained to be kept in stock and they are already ready to ship. So that the customers can get their coolers ASAP.

Companies also offer a 1 year warranty for the parts and accessories of this product. The total labor for the whole unit and included is the 3 year warranty on some parts and labor for the compressor. Rest assured that companies that will purchase a portable spot cooler will surely get a good investment.