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Electrical Enclosures Review

We review electrical enclosures! We explore every angle, details and information about advantage and disadvantage of all type of Enclosures.

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Materials are very important part of every engineering design. Choose the wrong material, could harm your applications, even destroy your project!.

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We adherence to standards that are published; testing, characteristics and performance.

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19-inch Server Rack, Server Rack,
November 25, 2019 No Comments

How Equipment Mounting is Done for 19-inch Server Rack Enclosures

There are several ways on how mounting is done on a 19-inch server rack enclosures. See the different examples below: Mounting Through Fastening When it comes to mounting, the original way on how companies do it is holes were trapped and sealed in with a specific screw thread. Then, when the rack rails become too […]

Engineering Blog, New Technologies, Mass Production,
November 13, 2019 No Comments

Does Mass Customization Has the Possibility to Kill Mass Production?

There are several technologies existing today that makes the mass production very possible. One of which is the new HP’s MultiJet Fusion printers. These printers are primarily made to build and create custom insoles. Now in line with this launch, the superfeet has already announced its first shoe brand tie up and partnership together with […]

Electronics Enclosure, Electrical Boxes, Stainless Steel, NEMA 1 Enclosure,
November 9, 2019 No Comments

Most Frequently Asked Questions about NEMA 1 Electronics Enclosure

One of the fastest and quickest ways to be able to identify if an electronic box will certainly meet your company’s needs is to identify its NEMA rating. The rating system is designed to help the companies determine which enclosure should they get for a certain engineering application. The rating will also give the user […]